A Heart for Duns Community Fridge, Larder and Sentry Box









Area covered:  Duns and District

Location: Volunteer Hall, Duns

Who can access? Anyone and everyone

The Community Larder/ Fridge is currently in the foyer of the hall and open 9am – 6pm every day.  People can just pop in and help themselves to what is there.

We have created a separate “Wee Green Shed” for the food/ fridges, which will be completed soon. It is located next to the hall. It has still to be decided what the opening times will be – but it will still be a case of open to everyone to use (and to donate to).

 We do not have a delivery service. 

 We get food daily from the Co-op through their Food Share programme so every day is different. We get deliveries from Fare Share and we receive donations from the public

The Sentry Box is open 24 hours. It’s mainly books/ DVDs/ games but we also get a variety of random stuff too – especially with the charity shops being closed – clothes/ household items/ pictures etc – it really is different every day.  Everything that is donated is ‘quarantined’ for a week before going out on the shelves to go out to the public. 

During lockdown we had volunteers who would help people with their shopping, dog walking, collecting prescriptions, etc if needed. That service is still there but really hasn’t been required for a while now.  Messages for help can be left on the office answer machine 01361 884935, which is checked daily. There are volunteers who can help.

We operate the community resilience group as well and have one-off options to provide help for those shielding or otherwise unable to access services.

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