About Berwickshire

Bavs is delighted to have secured National Lottery funding for two years to employ  Development Officers for a new community development project, About Berwickshire.

We have now employed two new Developments Officers, Kelly Brown and Beth Landon (pictured below) to lead the project. It seeks to raise awareness about and strengthen the support third sector organisations give to local communities as we come out of this pandemic.

The overall aim is to help to address some of the social isolation we have seen in our communities, as well as building upon the community activism that has emerged during the pandemic. The project aim to do this by:

  • Converting one of our Berwickshire Wheels minibuses and going into communities, taking part in local activities, adding value to established events and capacity building by supporting the set-up of new community activities and groups. The bus will carry resources and information from a range of third sector and statutory organisations.
  • Running a series of free roadshow events and taster sessions in community venues, in partnership with other local third sector organisations. This will include a series of Berwickshire in Lockdown exhibitions, where we will use his visual and oral record of the pandemic to help us consult with local people about how they would like their communities to recover.
  • Providing a platform for national and Borders-wide charities to engage with rural communities, where they may not have had much connection before, or found it hard to engage.

Download the project flyer.

For more information, contact Beth or Kelly


Kelly (left) and Beth