Berwickshire Community Food Projects

Co’path and Cove Community Foodstore

Address: Church Hall: Hoprig Road, Cockburnspath

Opening Hours: Tuesday and Friday 2pm-3.30pm, although if anyone needs anything they can contact us – details below.

Contact: Suzie at or 07562 523 904. We will do our best to respond outwith these hours. This phone number is also the emergency helpline.

Description of Community Food store and additional useful information

People can visit the shop during the hours above (masks and social distancing are required and hand sanitiser is available). However, if they are unable to because of weather or disability, we can deliver a food box each week. This service is reserved for those who need it, and we’d encourage most people to come along and see what we’ve got. It’s a chance for a socially distanced meet up and to have a chat too, which we encourage wherever possible.

We have lots of tinned goods and some fresh veg as well, although we rely on Fareshare deliveries for our stock. We also buy in a limited amount of milk from our local farm shop. Mr Neep (local farm shop) will deliver to people in their own home ( or 07557 483 698). We also have some hygiene and cleaning products and usually have eggs donated from local hens!

We ask for small donations, based on ability to pay, for items you take, but please don’t let this put you off coming along. We are happy to supply  what you need free of charge and there is a discreet bowl for donations which you can easily bypass if you wish. Nobody monitors what people put in the bowl, if anything, and some people pay in for others who are in more need. Please don’t be embarrassed to use our store – we want you to come along whatever your situation is.

We don’t have any referral system – it’s based-on trust. If you need us, we are there, and even if you just forget something from your shopping list, we will try to provide it and you can donate if able.

We have a Facebook page, which can be used if necessary to place specific orders by message. We primarily serve Cockburnspath and Cove, but as the parish boundary includes Oldhamstocks and Innerwick and surrounding areas and we welcome users from these areas. In real need, food parcels can be delivered throughout the parish – please call the phone number above to let us know.

The Foodbank is run by our Minister, Rev Suzie Fletcher, with help from volunteers, so everything is in total confidence. We also have an “emergency fund” which if you find yourself in financial need, Suzie will assess this and try to help you with cash donations. These don’t have to be repaid but can if able. This is entirely in confidence and your situation will be respected and kept confidential at all times. Examples which people may face include getting behind on electricity payments, a sudden boiler or utilities failure etc.

We can also order in bread and butcher meat if required, but these require to be paid for. Orders can be taken on a Tuesday for pick up on a Friday, but as we have no storage facilities, there needs to be a strict pick-up agreement.

Anderson’s Quality Butcher of North Berwick also delivers to the village and Cove on a Tues and Friday, so orders can be placed directly with them and delivered to your door. We also have a fish van on a Tuesday (Ross Dougal fishmongers – 01890 751 911) and they can deliver fresh fish and seafood to your door.

Cards were put through every door with the emergency contact numbers and email on them last year, and we additionally have a monthly newsletter with updated information again, put through every door in the community.

Prescriptions – Dunbar Medical Centre prescriptions can be delivered by our local postie (Scott) who will drop your meds off with your mail. If you need this service, please advise the medical centre on ordering your prescription. Patients of the Eyemouth/Coldingham practice can have their medication delivered to them on a Friday afternoon, by a volunteer. To help our volunteers and posties, please order in advance and try to get medication for a month if possible, rather than every week. We’ll do our best to help.

We occasionally work with the primary school to have a school uniform swap shop – please let us know of your needs and we’ll try to help.

We also have a gardening freebies pick up at the Church Hall during the times mentioned above. This is where people can swap plants, seeds, garden equipment and items free of charge. There are also some excellent gardening books – all free, to encourage people to grow their own veg if possible.

We occasionally, through our monthly FareShare deliveries, get some children’s clothes eg jeans, tee shirts etc. Again, come and see if we’ve anything you need. There are some nice white polo shirts suitable for school at the moment.

We look forward to seeing anyone at the Church Hall – it’s always good craic and we’ll welcome you and do what we can to help!

Chirnside Community Larder

Address: Chirnside Community Centre, 26 Main Street West End, Chirnside, TD11 3UF

Opening Hours:  Monday/Wednesday/Friday & Saturday 10:00am – 12:00 noon

Contact Details:          E-mail:

Text Helen: 07828 240 909

Facebook: @chirnsidecommunitylarder

Description of the larder and additional useful information

Everyone is welcome to visit the Larder, from Chirnside and all surrounding areas.  If someone is unable to get to the larder for whatever reason we are able to deliver.

We always have lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, tinned goods, tea, juice, pasta & rice, bread, eggs and pet food. We always have sanitary products and sometimes nappies. We get most of our stock donated from FareShare, Tesco, Aldi, Co-op & Greenvale.

We do have a box for cash donations, but this is completely voluntary – we use this to purchase fresh eggs, fresh fruit & veg and other stock from supermarkets.

We have disabled access – toilet facilities and operate a one in one out system.

Visitors are asked to wear a mask and sanitise hands on entry.

(Remember your bag for life too.)

Our volunteers are willing to help in any way they can – please don’t be shy.

Reston and Auchencrow Food Larder (with mini larders in Preston, Abbey St. Bathans and Grantshouse)

Main Location: Reston Village Hall

Opening times: Monday to Saturday 10am -noon

 Location: Auchencrow mini larder- located outside the Craw Inn

Accessible 24/7 with top up days on a Wednesday and Saturday.

Location: Grantshouse Village Hall

Opening times: every 2nd Saturday 12noon -2pm (Next event 27/02/21)

 Location: Preston: Preston Village Hall carpark

Opening times: Every Tuesday 10am -2pm

 Location: Abbey St. Bathans (In the Riverside Bakery car park)

Opening times: Every Monday 2-4pm

Contact details:

Kerry Simmonds – Larder lead 07846869175

Logan Inglis – Assistant 07886562490

Description of our Larder

We are an environmental food project, which aims to reduce food waste going to landfill and encourage people to be creative with their cooking to use up food that would otherwise go to waste.

We pay an annual membership to Fare share for ambient goods, and we collect items of fresh food from supermarkets at the end of the day that would otherwise have gone into their waste. We do the supermarket collections through both Fare share and neighbourly.

We offer people the option to bring items of food from their own cupboards to donate or small financial contributions in the form of a collection box located in the larder, to help towards our FareShare membership.

Any money received in the donation box is also used to respond directly to demands of the people using the larder or to buy essential items for food boxes which are delivered to people in shielding, or as a short-term alternative if people are unable to attend the larder for themselves.

The larder limits people to 1 medium sized bag of food per household.

Which areas do we cover?

We cover part of East Berwickshire including Grantshouse, Coldingham, Eyemouth, Ayton, Reston, Auchencrow, Preston, Bonkyl and Abby St Bathans.

These are all areas identified as in need by their community councils/resilient groups and have no alternative way of accessing affordable food. These community councils or resilient groups pay a small donation to Reston and Auchencrow larder so we can provide their residents with access to the larder daily and organise food for pop up larders in their own villages. Reston and Auchencrow larder volunteers also make up the food boxes to be delivered to people from these other towns and villages and these are collected by their respective resilient group members/ volunteers.

Our aim is to reduce the number of food boxes going out once COVID restrictions are lifted as this is not thought to be the best way of encouraging independence and reducing food waste. We want to instil in people a sense of dignity when using the larder, by offering them a good choice of food items and by aiming it at all people. There should be no stigma attached to people accessing waste food in order to prevent it from ending up in landfill.

Who can access the Larder?

Anyone and everyone can access the larder. No referrals are needed.

How do people access the larder?

We encourage people to access the larder for themselves. We do not offer food box delivery as a standard service.

Food boxes can be requested by an individual through their resilience group, so delivery can be arranged and coordinated to suit both parties and through the community assistance hub, run by SBC.

Health professionals are welcome to contact the larder directly if they have a client who needs urgent help, and we can liaise with the relevant resilience group for them.

 People can see what items of food we have in stock and access recipes and ideas for this food through our Facebook page, Reston & Auchencrow community larder.

This platform also allows people to feedback to us and share ideas, reinforcing our community, encouraging acceptance of this type of project, and further reducing stigma.

The group can receive messages through Facebook messenger, and these will be checked regularly and responded to as soon as possible.