Berwickshire Wheels

What is Berwickshire Wheels?

Berwickshire Wheels is a Community Transport Service that:

  • Provides affordable and accessible Transport
  • Is available to anyone struggling to access transport
  • Allows people to keep their independence longer
  • Has a dedicated team of volunteer drivers
  • Can be hired by community groups
  • Offers free registration to anyone for life

During COVID-19

Berwickshire Wheels has a COVID-19 delivery service and COVID-19 transport to healthcare for anyone during these difficult times.  Click here for more information.

What Can The Vehicles Be Used For?

  • Hospital, GP, dental and other healthcare appointments (podiatrist etc.)
  • Shopping trips, both local and further afield
  • Community group outings
  • Youth group activities
  • Visiting relatives
  • Leisure activities
  • Social events

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Individual usage is charged at 45p per mile with a minimum charge of £5.00.
  • Group bookings are charged at £1.10 per mile with a minimum charge of £10.00
  • An invoice will be sent at the end of the month with all the details you will need to pay us

How Do I Book?

To book, please contact Borders Community Transport Services

Telephone: 0300 456 1985


Monday – Friday, including Banks holidays  9am-4pm

Or fill out our online booking form 

Would You Like to be a Volunteer Driver?

Our Volunteer Coordinator would be pleased to hear from you.  For more information go to our Volunteering page.

Vehicle Information

Berwickshire Wheels operates seven vehicles of varying size, with five based in Duns, one in Coldstream and one in Eyemouth. Five of the vehicles are adapted to carry wheelchair users but all are easily accessible for those with mobility difficulties. The maximum capacity of any of the vehicles is sixteen passengers plus the driver. Berwickshire residents wishing to use the service must first register with Berwickshire Wheels.

Berwickshire Wheels Background

Berwickshire Wheels is a service funded by Scottish Borders Council and the Scottish Government with financial support from Bavs, donations from groups and individuals and the affordable charges made to the service users.

Funding for replacement vehicles is the subject of regular applications to funding bodies. Berwickshire Wheels provides accessible transport for residents of Berwickshire, to allow social and family activity for those who have general mobility problems or use a wheelchair.

The aim of the service is to improve transport within the Berwickshire area allowing people with disabilities or mobility problems to go out when, where and with whom they wish. It enables people to adopt a more independent lifestyle and play a more active role in community affairs.

The Wheels vehicles are driven by either volunteers or by a “private” driver nominated by the individual client. All drivers must attend a familiarisation session and be assessed before driving passengers. All volunteer drivers will also be subject to a Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme (PVG) check administered by Disclosure Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government.

In June 2008 Berwickshire Wheels was awarded the Queens Golden Jubilee Award for Voluntary Service. In December 2008 the service received the Scottish Transport “Dedication to Access for All” Award. In 2009 the National Transport Awards Highly Commended the service for its “Dedication to Access for All” Award. Berwickshire Wheels continues to provide a valued service, constantly updating its fleet of vehicles to ensure optimum service provision. It continues to receive wide praise within the region and with Scottish Government for the work it carries out within Berwickshire.