Eat, Sleep, Ride

Eat Sleep Ride

The health of horses and ponies  is a key priority and they will continue to be loved, poo picked and groomed daily.

We have set up a chat for our children and young people which we are updating with games, in-house challenges , art competitions and morale-boosting videos. Staff are keeping in touch with children, young people, parents/carers regularly and discussing with them the best way to maintain contact, e.g., phone calls, text messages, email.

We have a bank of adult volunteers willing to help in the community and have been coordinating food for the disadvantaged and socially isolated.

Staff are keeping in touch with key agencies involved in supporting children and families ensuring that where possible any family in crisis receives the support they need.

We are looking to set up the ABRS rosette awards online and will update you as we work out how to deliver this across the board.

Call 07516 360235 or e-mail