What Wheely Matters


The “What Wheely Matters” project will look to work with communities across the Scottish Borders with a view to explore local solutions to improve rural transport access.

This work will involve engagement with communities to look at existing transport options, such as community transport, and liaison with statutory bodies to explore efficiencies in current arrangements or to find, fund and implement possible new transport solutions, such as a community owned car or car share scheme among others.

We aim to achieve actual results from this project and change attitudes towards alternative transport options by working with communities rather than just telling them about it.

Thurston Hodge, development worker for What Wheely Matters says: “Transport has always been a barrier for residents of the Scottish Borders, be it for the larger towns to the smallest farms.

“In particular, people who are older or have health and mobility issues are often isolated from things that can be taken for granted by others, even getting to the bus stop can be a problem.
We will look to work between communities, public, private and voluntary sectors to connect people and promote ideas for more financially sustainable, greener, accessible and affordable approaches to transport for all people.Thurston added: “This pandemic has really shone a light on the issues faced by rural communities and the ability of those communities to come together to help support each other. I will look to tap into that amazing spirit.”

If you have an idea you would like to discuss with Thurston please book a session through our online calendar.

These are open to anyone and are bookable for a full one hour or half hour, completely free of charge!

Alternatively, you can contact Thurston at any time by email WWM@Bavs.org.uk or call 07754 318 077.

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